Vill du gå kurs för Silvia Trkman?

Nu är det möjligt! Du kan välja mellan en Handlingkurs & en Valpkurs, du måste inte ha valp, det går att delta med vuxen hund också 😉 Här är uplägget från Silvia´s sajt…

New LoLaBuLand project for 2011: long-distance classes!!! You can either participate or audit, all through this website, all on a special wish from those who live too far to come to classes. We’ll do both puppy and handling classes, the plan is as follows:

For handling class:
I send a course map of a course we did in my handling class and then give you two weeks to set it, run it and send a video. Then we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different choices, I will also publish a video of my dogs on that course. After a week or two of discussion, I send another course and then you again have two weeks to set it and post a video. We’ll do 4 courses, so the class will be about 3 months long.

For puppy class:
I write you a “to do” list, you ask if something is not clear, you start with your dog, tape it and send it, I comment, give suggestions on how to proceed etc. You get a new list every two weeks, taking old tricks further, checking the progress and starting with new stuff. We’ll go through 6 “to do” lists, so this class will be 3 months long.

What do you think? Let me know how many of you would be interested in this. Those who want to participate in handling class need to have an access to equipment to set a course somewhere and a camcorder to tape it. To participate in puppy class, all you need is a dog (not even necessary a puppy!) and a camcorder. Those who want to audit don’t need anything other than paying auditing fee and by this, you get an access to all the videos and comments and you’re welcome to ask questions and participate in the discussion. The plan is to start end of February, but you’re welcome to post your wishes and preferences.

Du kan anmäla dig här.

Jag har turen att få gå för Silvia “live” i augusti men tänker ändå deltaga i det här på något sätt, kanske bara som “observatör”, vi får se 😉